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+++ LEDEKOR a positive climate for home, office, conference rooms, staircases, etc. +++ eg. a living room with 80-100 sqm = 30-50 Kg leather as a buffer store for wall and ceiling! +++ LEDEKOR ... a special feeling for living / working ... in summer and warm in winter energy efficient +++ constant humidity in your living and work spaces +++

Out natural product - LEDEKOR®


LEDEKOR® Produkte
  • Contains solely natural ingredients
  • Is highly insulating
  • Is extremely sound-absorbent as a spray plaster
  • Is completely breathable
  • Generates an excellent living space climate
  • Sticks to virtually all interior subsurfaces
Offers an almost unlimited number of design possibilities


LEDEKOR® is a versatile spray or trowel-application plaster with a grain size of 3mm for interiors. Its strengths lie in its outstanding processing properties (even on questionable subsurfaces). A natural binding agent and the properties of the natural leather filament mean that it can be applied to countless subsurfaces, such as concrete, plaster, drywall, wood. Further possible subsurfaces are glue, oil and latex distempers, metal (treated with rust protection), plastics (such as window frames and shutter boxes, etc.). Even powder-coated trapezoidal sheets can be coated without a bonding course. Ideal for applications (even in damp rooms) from cellar to attic. Supplied as a powder in amounts of 3kg, 6kg or 15kg, without chemical preservatives, with minimal transport costs, little packaging waste, and a long shelf life. LEDEKOR® is most suitable for reconstructions of old buildings and gives mould no chance to grow.

You can apply LEDEKOR® as:

  • Ceiling plaster (sprayed, for the production of rustic ceiling structures)
  • Spray plaster for walls (natural, one colour, multi-coloured or speckled)
  • Trowel-application plaster on walls and ceilings for free colour design
  • Trowel-application plaster on walls and ceilings for the production of a marble look

Our Tip: Spray the subsurface in a layer as specified in our Processing Guidelines, leave to dry and trowel a layer of LEDEKOR® on top. The result is amazing! A covering which virtually looks the same as real leather skin. To our Photograph Gallery.


Processing guidelines as a PDF
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