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+++ LEDEKOR a positive climate for home, office, conference rooms, staircases, etc. +++ eg. a living room with 80-100 sqm = 30-50 Kg leather as a buffer store for wall and ceiling! +++ LEDEKOR ... a special feeling for living / working ... in summer and warm in winter energy efficient +++ constant humidity in your living and work spaces +++

Why use natural leather as a coating für interior walls?


LEDEKOR® enchants your rooms and generates a high-end indoor climate.
The key here lies in the natural properties of the included vegetable tanned leather filaments.

Why? Because
LEDEKOR® produces a natural storage volume for moisture on your walls which cannot be substituted by anything else and which ultimately leads to a heavenly feeling at home. The largest deficit for poor indoor climate in your living and working spaces is completely eliminated and thus the basis for extremely pleasant and healthy room air is created.

The addition of chalk and lime means that mould has almost no chance to grow.
LEDEKOR® can also be used in damp rooms such as cellars, kitchens and bathrooms problem-free. Moreover, the excellent insulation provided by LEDEKOR® (think about your items of leather clothing, shoes, jackets) gives you an additional opportunity to save energy - something which ought to be understandable for everyone. The following values arise for transmission heat loss in winter through an exterior wall without and with a 3mm thick coating in the interior of the room e.g. for a plastered brick wall (thickness: 0.3m, lambda: 0.5 W/mK):

  • Heat transfer coefficient without coating: 1.23 W/mK
  • Heat transfer coefficient with coating: 1.16 W/mK (i.e. a reduction of 6%)

This means that you can save up to 10% of your heat energy, depending on the coating strength.

This effect is reversed in summer: While it is extremely warm outside, you can enjoy a pleasant cool temperature in your living spaces.

Convince yourself of the diverse sophisticated colour and design possibilities with
LEDEKOR® by looking at our Reference and Photograph gallery.