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General Terms and Conditions

The following right of cancellation does not apply if the goods ordered by you are to be used for commercial or independent professional work. Right to cancellation according to § 355, paragraph 2 BGB [German Civil Code].

  • Right of cancellation

You can cancel your contract within two weeks, without giving reasons for doing so, in text form (e.g. by letter, fax, email) or by sending back the goods. This time limit begins with the receipt of these instructions at the earliest. The punctual dispatch of the cancellation notice or the goods suffices for the adherence to the cancellation time limit. Cancellations are to be addressed to:

Lars Hansch
Liebenwerdaer Strasse 15
04924 Kröbeln
Tel.:    +49 (0)35341 – 13 525
Fax:     +49 (0)35341 – 23 398
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  • Implications of cancellation

In the case of an effective cancellation, services received by both parties are to be given back and, if applicable, goods are to be returned. If you cannot return the services you have received from us, or can only partially return them or return them in a deteriorated condition, you may, where necessary, be liable to pay compensation in this respect. This does not apply in the case of the surrendering of goods if the deterioration of the goods can solely be traced back to the inspection of the same, as would be possible in a retail store. You can avoid the obligation to pay compensation by not using the goods as your own property and refraining from doing anything which negatively affects the value of said goods. Goods capable of being dispatched as a parcel are to be sent back. You are to bear the costs for the return of supplied goods which correspond with those ordered and if the price of the goods to be returned does not exceed the value of 70.00 EUR or if you, in the case of the goods being of a higher price, have not yet performed a service in return or a contractually agreed partial payment at the time of the cancellation; otherwise, returns are free-of-charge for you. You must fulfil any obligations concerning the reimbursement of payments within 30 days of sending your notice of cancellation. Exceptions: Unless stated otherwise, the right of cancellation does not exist for contracts concerning the supply of goods which are customised to customer specifications or are clearly tailored to the customer's personal needs or which are not suitable to be returned due to their nature.

  • § 1 General; Area of Application

All services rendered by Lars Hansch LEDEKOR® for the customer take place solely on the basis of the following general conditions. Any settlements which deviate from these conditions are only valid if they have been arranged in writing between Lars Hansch LEDEKOR® and the customer, or are explicitly stated in these general conditions.

  • § 2 Conclusion of contract

1. By ordering the desired goods, the customer submits a binding offer to conclude a sales contract.
2. Lars Hansch LEDEKOR® is entitled to accept an offer within 10 calendar days by sending an order confirmation. The order confirmation takes the form of a letter, fax or email. If the customer does not receive a confirmation within this 10 day period, the offer is classed as rejected.

  • § 3 Payment, due date, default

1. Payment for goods is conducted either on account, by payment in advance or by cash on delivery. Payment with cash on delivery is only possible within Germany. Lars Hansch LEDEKOR® reserves the right to accept or exclude certain methods of payment on a case-by-case basis.
2. In the case of payment on account, the customer is bound to immediately pay the purchase price after the contract has been fulfilled/delivery. In the case of payment in advance, the customer is bound to pay the purchase price within 10 calendar days from the receipt of the order confirmation. In the case of payment by cash on delivery, the customer is bound to pay the purchase price once the goods have been delivered. The fee for cash on delivery generally amounts to between 9.00€ and 15.00€ and is shown separately in the order confirmation.
3. If the customer finds himself in default, he is to accept any negligence on the part of the company.
4. The purchase price is to accumulate interest during the period of default. The default interest rate for the year amounts to five percent points above the basic interest rate. In the case of transactions which do not involve a consumer, the interest rate amounts to eight percent points above the basic interest rate.
5. The enforcement of further claims is not excluded.

  • § 4 Delivery

1. Delivery takes place through sending the goods from the storage facility to the address given by the customer or through the goods being collected by the customer. The delivery period is 10 working days from the date of our acceptance of the order. This statement is non-binding, provided that nothing else has been arranged.
2. Delivery takes place against the packaging and dispatch costs indicated in the offer. If the customer would like the goods to be sent in a particular way which will accrue higher costs, the customer is to pay these higher costs.
3. Delivery only takes place in and to Germany. Delivery to other European countries is only available upon request!

  • § 5 Reservation of ownership

Until full payment, the goods remain the property of Lars Hansch LEDEKOR®. Pawning, assignment as security, processing or redesign before the transfer of ownership without the express consent of Lars Hansch LEDEKOR® is not permitted.

  • § 6 Prices

The price at the time of the delivery of the customer's offer applies for the invoicing.

  • § 7 Withdrawal

1. Lars Hansch LEDEKOR® is entitled to withdraw from a contract concerning an outstanding part of delivery or service if false information regarding the creditworthiness of the customer has been given or if there are objective reasons in terms of the customer's ability to pay and this, at the request of Lars Hansch LEDEKOR®, does not generate any suitable security before delivery or if insolvency proceedings concerning the customer's assets are initiated or if an application for the initiation of insolvency proceedings due to the lack of sufficient assets has been rejected.
2. Without prejudice to Lars Hansch LEDEKOR®'s claims for damages, in the case of partial withdrawal, partial services already rendered are to be invoiced and paid for in accordance with the contract.

  • § 8 Warranty

1. The warranty period is two years. In the case of transactions which do not involve a consumer or the sale of used items, the warranty period is one year.
2. If the item is defective, the customer has the right to product replacement and can choose to demand either the removal of the defect or the delivery of a defect-free item.
Lars Hansch LEDEKOR® can refuse the type of product replacement chosen by the customer without prejudice to § 275 para. 2 and 3 BGB [German civil code] if this type of replacement is only possible by accruing disproportionate costs. At the same time, the value of the non-defective item, the significance of the defect and the issue of whether the other type of product replacement could be resorted to without accruing considerable costs for the purchaser are to be considered in particular. In this case, the customer's claim is limited to the other type of product replacement; Lars Hansch LEDEKOR®'s right to also refuse this under the prerequisites of sentence 1 remains unaffected.
3. If the purchase for both parts is a commercial transaction, the customer is to examine the goods immediately after delivery, provided that this is feasible according to proper transactions. If a defect is apparent, the customer is to immediately notify us of this. If the customer neglects to notify us, the goods are classed as approved, unless the defect is such that it could not be identified during an examination. If such a defect appears at a later date, the customer must inform us of this immediately after the defect has been discovered; otherwise the goods are also classed as approved in view of this defect. These stipulations do not apply if the defect was fraudulently concealed. The prompt posting of the notification is sufficient for the retention of the customer's rights.
4. If Lars Hansch LEDEKOR® supplies a defect-free item for the purpose of product replacement, the company can demand the customer to return the defective item in accordance with the stipulation §§ 346 to 348 BGB.
5. Damages caused by measures conducted by the customer which are improper or contrary to the contract, by application, processing or storage do not create any grounds for claims against Lars Hansch LEDEKOR®.
6. Possible provided rental appliances are and remain the property of Lars Hansch LEDEKOR®. If the rented appliances are not returned and/or are damaged, claims according to the price list are payable. These are to be paid for separately by the purchaser.

  • § 9 Damage in transit

1. Goods with obvious damaged packaging or content which are delivered to the customer must be complained about at the parcel service. Acceptance is to be declined. Furthermore, Lars Hansch LEDEKOR® is to be immediately notified via email, telephone, fax or post (written form). Lars Hansch LEDEKOR® is to be informed immediately after the discovery of concealed defects.

  • § 10 Limitation of liability

1. For damages other than those to life, body and health, Lars Hansch LEDEKOR® is only liable if these damages are based upon deliberate or grossly negligent actions or upon the culpable violation of an essential contractual obligation by Lars Hansch LEDEKOR® or Lars Hansch LEDEKOR®'s agents. Additional liability for damages is excluded. The stipulations of the product liability law remain unaffected.
2. All personal data necessary for the execution of the order is saved in machine-readable form and is treated as confidential.
Place of jurisdiction

All disputes resulting from this legal relationship are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is not valid here. If the contractual parties are business people, the court where Lars Hansch LEDEKOR® is based is responsible, provided that an exclusive place of jurisdiction has not been established for disputes.

  • Severability clause

If a provision of this contract is or becomes invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this contract remain unaffected.

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