Hier gibt es keine Baumwolltapete, keinen marokkanischen Putz, auch Lehmputz oder Lehmfarbe finden Sie hier nicht, keine Dispersionsfarbe keine Silikatfarbe kein Edelputz.

+++ LEDEKOR a positive climate for home, office, conference rooms, staircases, etc. +++ eg. a living room with 80-100 sqm = 30-50 Kg leather as a buffer store for wall and ceiling! +++ LEDEKOR ... a special feeling for living / working ... in summer and warm in winter energy efficient +++ constant humidity in your living and work spaces +++

The Idea

Natural leather is often described as the oldest raw material in the history of humankind.
We all wear it everyday. We use it in many areas of our modern lives: shoes, furniture, clothing, car interiors, to name but a few examples. So why shouldn't we use natural leather and its properties in the design of our living environment?

Natural leather is like our skin. Our skin's task is to protect our body from heat loss, ensure a high level of breathability as well as regulate the moisture level of our body. Natural leather applied to walls functions in exactly such an ingenious manner.

Walls and ceilings designed with 2-3mm of
LEDEKOR® generate an indoor climate that is unmatched. This has a humidity regulating effect! This means that the living space has constant air moisture of approximately 55% - 65% in summer as well as in winter. Depending on the coating strength, approximately 30 - 50 kg of real leather is used for a living space with 100 m² of wall and ceiling surface. A circumstance which activates a positive change in the indoor climate - a change which can barely be beaten. Natural leather makes mould, unhealthy room air and the resulting air toxins a thing of the past. Any accruing living space moisture (during nights in the bedroom, for example) can be absorbed by LEDEKOR® and is evenly released again - no living space moisture which forms on cold walls in the room (due to lacking storage mediums) and thus no development of hidden mould, which all too often triggers asthma and other allergies.

The expensive renovation of walls and ceilings is often spared when it comes to bad subsurfaces! The real leather filaments are processed when wet and swollen up and disappear during the drying process. It is due to this fact that
LEDEKOR® can also be applied to sanded, critical subsurfaces without having to conduct costly renovations or blocking!