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+++ LEDEKOR a positive climate for home, office, conference rooms, staircases, etc. +++ eg. a living room with 80-100 sqm = 30-50 Kg leather as a buffer store for wall and ceiling! +++ LEDEKOR ... a special feeling for living / working ... in summer and warm in winter energy efficient +++ constant humidity in your living and work spaces +++


Welcome to our website! We are delighted that you have discovered LEDEKOR®.


We produce LEDEKOR® as a spray and trowel-application plaster made from vegetable tanned real leather.

You can argue over taste; you cannot argue about living quality

LEDEKOR® products offer new possibilities in technology, environmental properties and functionality in modern interior design!

Heavenly indoor climates, insulation, breathable walls, easy processing and affordable prices are only some of the advantages offered by LEDEKOR®.

LEDEKOR® is your guarantee for a wonderful feeling at home.

Your LEDEKOR® team wishes you an educational, interesting and entertaining time on this website.


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